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Presentation of the Yearbook 09/10 of the Theater Basel

On April 28th 2009 the new and final season preview in the form of the yearbook 09/10 of the Theater Basel will be presented to public. For the first time a DVD is inlaid into the cover of the yearbook. This DVD contains videos done by students of the interaction class of the Basel-based Visual Communication Institute at the Academy of Art and Design UAS Northwestern Switzerland under the direction of Reinhard Manz. The young creatives documented the manifoldness of professions beyond the stage to reveal the complex processes which at last result in the plays shown to the audience. Those seven short documentaries and the added greeting of the theater's director will be screened during the event.

The typography class did several concepts for the yearbook last year which already have been exhibited internally. But Prof. Marion Fink and her students will present their concepts again within a small exhibition at the opening the evening before. Everybody who's interested in getting an impression of the suprising ideas and perspectives the students formulated through their works is invited to stop by on April 27th, 4pm at the Theater Basel, Foyer Grosse Bühne (map).

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