Poster 4 Tomorrow

Living in Switzerland, you very quickly get used to the constantly recurring popular outrage because of the seemingly maliciously oversimplifying political posters that come along with disputable popular initiatives mostly born in the orbit of the right-conservative Swiss People's Party (SVP). As the producer of those posters the advertising agency Goal has come to a very questionable fame.

The latest example of the agency's creative work was used in the context of the so called «Anti-Minarett Initiative». The initiative for a general ban on the construction of new minarets in Switzerland was unexpectedly accepted by 58% of the voters. ... read

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Rauha Mäkilä

I don't exactly know why I'm so into figurative painting. I guess in the human being and its being human inheres the point of origin of the system we relate all our perception to. It's the mirror that makes the world emerge from a nowhere through its reflection. Anyway, for as long as I can remember myself, the human figure has been the central moment in my own paintings. ... read
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Between The Folds

This is not the first post on Origami, the traditional art of folding paper. The seemingly unlimited diversity of shapes and figures that lie hidden in a sheet of paper and the meditative process of focussing and revealing those forms fold by fold captivate me everytime I see real Origami nerds at work.

Yesterday I got a hint by Sally Rosenthal who is the executive producer of the movie Between The Folds, a documentary on Origami, philosophy and science. Or–as director Vanessa Gould meaningfully states–on:

The potential of an uncut paper square. ...

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LAIKA. A Dynamic Font.

Everybody is talking about a new love affair: It's about type and the web. Designers cheer. Finally font-embedding and the features of CSS3 offer us almost all possibilities we know from our beloved print media. ... read
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Almost Lost, Fortunately Found: Vivian Maier

Imagine you buy a box full of old photographs and negatives and it turns out to be a real treasure. That's what happened to John Maloof in Chicago. He acquired about 40.000 negatives and 1.000 rolls of undeveloped films of an unknown photographer at a furniture and antique auction.

He had no idea of street photography when he started to look through the work of–as he finally discovered–a Jewish refugee from wartime France named Vivian Maier. After she had moved to Chicago in the 1950s, she started to create wonderful photographs of the city's streets. ... read

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In An ABSOLUT™ World

Why shouldn't a producer of trendy alcoholic beverages be keen to make the world a better place? Why shouldn't a strong and renowned brand like ABSOLUT evoke an utopia of a world freed from any label to boost the own one? Actually I don't want to discuss those strange social approaches of companies and their branding strategies today. Or the often curious pairings of products and values. ... read
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